الخميس، 11 ديسمبر 2014

Looking for the truth of ISIS existence

Nawres Alshibani

Since ISIS had entered Iraq until now , I couldn’t write a blog , I tried to write something about what happening here , a blog about the truth of these many events , but looking for a truth and write about, was as difficult as looking for a needle in the straw , because of the different stories that we hear from the government , people and media.
Abdul Mohaymen is one of my friends from Mosul , even from his leaving Iraq and going to Jordan after ISIS had entered Mosul , he told me that he is happy because of what happened , he was annoyed from Maliki behavior , sectarianism , and his dictatorship. So he thought that ISIS will be the savior for them from him and will bring the freedom for them as ISIS told them when they tried to enter Mosul .
While Lekar ,one of my Christian friends from Mosul too , told me that he and his family has lost everything when they were obliged by ISIS to leave Mosul , because of surrender of people there to ISIS and believing them when they told them that they want to save them from Maliki , at the same time he excused his people because of what Maliki and the whole government did , which led them to these results , but he told me then , all of Mosul people realized later that ISIS are just terrorist want to destroy them and control of Iraq .
The same with what Mohammed told me , he is one of my friends from Tikrit , from a village called Aalam , they fought ISIS for more than five months when most of Tikrits’ people surrendered to ISIS for the same reason of Mosuls’ people , but Iraqi government didn’t support them , and finally they surrendered to ISIS too, when ISIS kidnapped some of their women and had threaten to rape them if they continuing fighting them .
After hearing that , I noticed that none of my friends mentioned Islam when they talked about ISIS , even from ISIS claimed that they are presenting it , on the contrary , they said that ISIS are not presenting any religion because there is no religion allows killing people.
It is obvious now , that Maliki , somehow , was one of the reasons behind existence of ISIS in Iraq now , beside other reasons like less of citizenship of some people in Iraq including some of its politicians who were calling for sectarianism and push Iraqi people into it.
So, we need to fix a lot of things in Iraq like ourselves , our politicians , and build an army who can defend us from such attack , in order to fix the current situation in Iraq .

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